If youve always fancied having a go on the potters wheel then this is perfect for you!

If it’s your first time then we can show the the basics, and if you’re more experienced then just come and and get throwing. The wheel is approx 22cm so perfect for making small bowls, plates and pots.

Book Your Throwing Session


Price: £20 for 45mins on the wheel

Once you have undertaken one of our inductions on the potters wheel you are free to book time and practise as a self guided activity. To book an induction CLICK HERE xxxxx

The price is the for whole session so you are welcome to come alone and throw for 45mins or bring one other person with you and split the booked time. Please note, this can be a messy, but fun experience, so we will provide you with an apron, but please dress appropriately.

You can either buy your clay upfront or when you come in for your session.


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