Prints & Imprints

£10.00 60 minutes

Our prints and imprints are a specialist service provided by fully trained and qualified staff. For this reason, we may need to amend your bookings to ensure that we have the best staff on hand for your requirements.

We can take prints of any age from 0 to 100! We can also print animals, mainly dogs but we have previously printed cats and rabbits too.


Prints are the perfect way to capture a moment in time on the pottery you can keep forever. Our paints are fired onto pottery so they will never fade. They make a lovely treat for yourself or as a gift for your family.  There is a £10 studio fee for each printing session and then you pay for the ready-made items that you print onto.

We have a list here for price ideas (please note that stock may vary slightly). We have items for all budgets, from heart-shaped coasters for £6 to large platters, jugs and vases for £40.

The studio fee covers your time in the studio, full print assistance, basic writing and design work, the specialist under-glaze paints we use, and the glazing and firing of your items afterwards. Please note there is an extra charge for elaborate artwork and gold/silver lustres. These are worked out on an individual basis but will always be agreed upon before we take your prints.


Imprints are beautiful keepsakes to celebrate your newborn and family. They make a lovely treat for yourself or your family. We use super soft clay to press hands into and paint in a specialist way to lift the fine details on the print. We can add names, dates and ages in a choice of font.

There is a £10 studio fee for each printing session, and then you pay for the items we make for


1 Plaque with 1 newborn imprint – £20​
1 Plaque with 2 newborn imprints – £30​
1 Plaque with 3 newborn imprints – £40
1 Plaque with 4 newborn imprints – £60

Prices for older children and larger plaques with family or adult hands will depend upon your requirements. Once we have an imprint, we can create outprints from this in clay and duplicate this as many times are you want.

Your booking is for 1 hour, which we find is more than enough for one family. If you want to bring a friend or family, please leave notes in your booking so we can block you out extra time.