Play with Clay Kit


The perfect opportunity to have a go at clay modelling in the comfort of your home.

This kit includes everything you need to make some basic clay items such as pinch pots, moulded pots, cut out shapes etc.

Create your items in clay and leave them to air dry before wrapping, in the tissue paper provided and dropping back to us to bisque fire in our kiln. Afterwhich you can either take home and paint with acrylic paints for an immediate result or you can come in (or purchase for home) to use our specialist underglazes so that we may fire it again to finish it professionally for you.

We are happy to add any of our other clay modelling tools on request.

Please note: The equipment is on loan from the studio

Your kit

Basic kit of tools + 1 ball clay (500g), Basic kit of tools + 2 ball clay (1kg), Basic kit of tools + 3 ball clay (1.5kg)


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